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3mv logo Fighting the Senate disenfranchisement of more than 3 million Australians
(and growing) who don't vote Liberal, Labor or Green.

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The High Court views the Constitutional challenge seriously.
Why won't the mainstream media?

Please be aware: public sentiment matters and those in power want you uninformed and apathetic.


  • - John Howard Australian Prime Minister, 1996-2007)

    "The principal beneficiary of these changes is probably the Australian Greens and that is why the Australian Greens are so strongly in favour."

  • - Penny Wong (Labor Senator)

    "One in four Australians who cast their vote for someone other than the Coalition, the Labor Party or the Greens, can essentially have their vote exhausted"

  • - Malcolm Mackerras AO (Leading election expert, political commentator and Visiting Fellow at ACU)

    "This legislation ... is clearly unconstitutional. I describe it as breathtaking in its contempt for the Australian constitution."

  • - Glenn Sterle (ALP Senator)

    "I'm seeing in my mind something similar with this bill to a colonoscopy."

  • - David Leyonhjelm (Liberal Democrat Senator)

    "Isn't it reminiscent of Robert Mugabe to amend electoral law with such brazen self interest?"

  • - Glenn Lazarus (Independent Senator)

    "Rather than rolling up the sleeves and getting on with it ... they’ll be able to ram through as much legislation as they want."

If it’s politics, it’s about power. And it’s not as simple as they’re telling you!

The Green-Turnbull Deception Act

It’s unconstitutional, unrepresentative, undemocratic and un-Australian.
In just over 2 minutes, learn what you need to know.


3mv you are an essential
This campaign does not seek to influence your vote. It does however, seek to alert you and recruit your assistance. This new law, changes the Senate (Upper House) in a revolutionary and generational way. It will effectively wipe out all but the Big-4 parties and narrow voter representation and choices. Whats more, if either a Liberal or Labor Government (formed in the Lower House) secures control of the Upper House, they will have total and unaccountable power. What is more likely though, is that they will be subject to the demands of The Greens (through Upper House control). This is what the so called 'Upper House reforms' actually do.
We're exposing this Senate 'reform' con, we're seeking to protect you, and we're asking for your help.


Australia's High Court

A Writ asking the High Court to declare the new law 'unconstitutional' has been lodged.

The legal challenges are proceeding for hearing on 2 and 3 May.

We and many experts believe the case IS winnable.

Your signature and support WILL make a difference.

‘The Greens-Turnbull Deception Act’


Don't believe the spin, or get conned by the mocking elites.

Here's what the changes mean to you.

Greens Turnbull

  1. Potentially more than 3 million votes will effectively be thrown in the bin.
  2. A non-party person being voted into parliament has become virtually impossible.
  3. The instructions given to voters are designed to confuse, assist the big parties, and lead to early vote ‘exhaustion’.
  4. Unless the Liberals or Labor gain 51% control of both houses, The Greens will hold the balance of power and effectively rule the government.
  5. It will increase the power of ‘faceless men and women’ that control party agendas.
  6. It will radically empower factional politics; already one of the most destructive forces in Australian democracy.
  7. Only career politicians (who lose touch with voters and ‘sell their soul’ to the party) will have any chance of gaining an election seat, or the 'grand prize’ - a party Senate seat without having to face the electorate.
  8. As the parties take over, the people's representation is strangled.

On first appearance, the changes introduced by this law seem fine. They are being explained in simplistic terms however, while the small print is being deliberately concealed. It's widely recognised that there are problems with Senate counting procedures, and effective recommendations have been made, however this rushed and radically manipulative legislation is not the answer. It ignores democratic principles, fair solutions and the very Constitution itself. It is a cloaked and generational electoral coup (i.e. an illegal seizure of governmental power).

Why all this is true involves some more detailed explanations. We live in an infotainment and sound-bite driven world however, so to understand it fully you'll have to read more than what you find in the mainstream media. If you want to learn more though, these resources are being developed, and will be online soon.

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The People's Petition

If at anytime you wish your name to be removed from The People's Petition, you need only email us and this request will be honoured.


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His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and
Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Force
Government House
Canberra ACT 2600
17 March 2016


It is our lawful duty and obligation to inform you that it is our will that the COMMONWEALTH ELECTORAL AMENDMENT ACT 2016 be annulled as unconstitutional, undemocratic, and un-Australian.

  • Unconstitutional because the Constitution declares that candidates, NOT political parties must be directly chosen by 'the people' (Sections 7 & 24 of the Australian Constitution).
  • Undemocratic because every elector’s formal vote has value and must count towards the election of the representatives of their choice . The proposed bill will lead to the “exhaustion” of millions of Australians’ votes making them of no effect in contributing towards electing their preferred representatives.
  • Un-Australian, because it appears to be a deliberate attempt to confuse and deceive the electors.

We hereby petition you to protect the millions of voices of ‘the people’ voting in an election against the interference of party politics.

As the Queen’s representative, you are the final protector against the tyranny of the Major Political Party Machines.

We Pray and Beseech that you, the Governor-General, use your power to withdraw Royal Assent of the COMMONWEALTH ELECTORAL AMENDMENT BILL 2016. We ask you to return it to both Houses of Parliament declaring it annulled as being in contempt of Australia's Constitution, democracy and people.



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